Deep Cleaning Medicated Acne Pads

OXY’s Deep Cleaning Medicated Acne Pads are clinically proven to continuously fight acne for 24 hours. They instantly remove dirt, oil and dead skin and keep bacteria away to let oxygen through helping your skin breathe, while oil-free moisturizers soothe skin and prevent over-drying. OXY’s Deep Cleaning pads also contain Salicylic Acid an effective, medicated treatment that penetrates the skin and hair follicles even after rinsing leaving a fresh, healthy looking complexion.

Quick Tip - OXY Medicated Acne Pads are great for a quick water-free skin refresher during the day or after sports.

Medicinal Ingredients - 2% Salicylic Acid

Use OXY pads for both the treatment and prevention of acne and are great at removing excess oil in and around the cheeks and forehead. Start by washing your face with OXY Deep Pore Facial Cleanser and then follow up with a medicated pad, making sure to cover all problem areas. Continue to use medicated acne pads daily over problem areas to maintain clear skin. If you are experiencing excessive bumps and/or redness, next follow up with Acne Vanishing Treatment for on the spot results.